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The Talking Parrots

Social Media & ICT Research Specialists

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The Talking Parrots                                

Social Media Research Specialists

Ph: 087 6617335 or 086 1633283


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About us

The Talking Parrots is an online consultancy business specialising in Social Media Strategy, Market Research and Anti-Bullying Training established in August 2013.


If you are struggling to establish an online presence for your business or struggling to create engagement with your customers, we are here to help. Our staff have over ten years experience using different social media platforms and have the skills on hand to boost your social media footprint, get people talking about your business and help your business attract new customers. We also can outline the dangers of using Social Media inappropriately both socially and professionally. Using Social Media as a forum for bullying is wrong and we can show you what to do when this happens.


Our motto is simple and is based on our own unique 5 Rs strategy for client satisfaction. Research, Reputation, Respond, React, Results. Carry out valuable research, enhance and protect your online reputation with focus on security, respond to any service needs for you, the client, be ready to react to any changes needed in your Social Media strategy & ultimately deliver high quality results for your business. We will endeavour to take the fear of Social Media engagement away and work effectively to align your Social Media and Business strategy. There is no need to be afraid of Social Media, a clear and focused strategy will help your business reach new heights.


We also carry out extensive market research on Social Media, Workplace & Online Bullying and other topical business matters. We provide training seminars and presentations on the warning signs and dangers of Workplace & Online Bullying, aimed at employers, employees, teachers and schoolchildren.


Our packages can be tailored to your needs & our team is here to help in whatever area needs attention. Please see our drop down menus' above for further details.

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